Saturday, 23 March 2019

Preparing for a fitness event is just as important as taking part! The most important aims in exercise preparation are to provide your body with enough fuel and water to complete the task, remain injury-free, and recover swiftly.  The following information is to help you prepare for the event, avoid injury, ensure you make it to the finish line, and most importantly…enjoy the day!

Leading up to swim

  • Train regularly, to the best of your abilities, in the weeks leading up to your swim.
  • Iron out any technical issues beforehand, so that you have an efficient and comfortable swim on the day.

Water intake

  • Aim to drink 600-750ml of water hourly while training, and on event day as well.
  • Keep drinking post swim to maintain hydration.

Food intake 

  • Nutritious and easily digestible food is best for swimming. Find out what suits you best. Popular options include fruit, veggie sticks, rice crackers, muesli bars, sandwiches and other small snacks.
  • Snack regularly throughout the day.
  • Post swim, get some nutritious food into you within 20 minutes to replace energy.

Stay warm

  • Stay warm between swims by drying off and wearing warm clothes.
  • Bring multiple towels to ensure you will have a dry towel throughout the day.

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Saturday, 23 March 2019

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